Through a combination of various massage techniques, Wurlod Animal Therapies helps to rehabilitate injuries by releasing tight, sore muscles, scar tissue adhesions, and debilitating Trigger Points or ‘knots’ that cause referred pain. These techniques are also important tools for Muscle Recovery following training as well as Muscle Preparation for upcomming races or competitions.


As well as being a natural form of pain relief and rehabilitation, massage can resolve many day to day mobility issues. Maybe your dog is simply slowing down on walks, or your horse’s stride is not as smooth as it normally is. Massage is also ideal for inducing relaxation and improving disposition in animals, making them easier and safer to work and play with. This is a non-invasive, hands on, soft tissue discipline, that addresses the animal’s body as a whole.


Felicity is trained in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Lenton Method, Masterson Method and Swedish Massage.  


Sports Massage: Isolates specific muscle groups therefore concentrating the massage in certain areas. However Felicity links this with other techniques such as Sweedish to provide a full body massage and address compensatory pain. Although it is traditionally used for sports rehabilitation and injury prevention it works well for any level of physical activity or even lack of activity.


Deep Tissue Massage: is designed to release deeper muscle layers using a slower and deeper pressure, by employing a structured layering of techniques. Rather than beginning with deep pressure, the techniques are designed to gradually increase pressure, so that the animal’s body is properly prepared and the muscles and other soft tissues are able to be affected.


Myofascial Release: Fascia is the connective tissue surrounding all muscles and every single muscle fibre, as well as all the organs, bones and tissues of the body. One of its purposes is to allow for frictionless movement between muscles. However it is also full of nerve endings and is now considered a secondary nervous system. For various reasons the fascia can dry out and get stuck causing pain and muscle dysfunction. Myofascial release alleviates this.


The Lenton Method™: is canine specific and has been developed by Natalie Lenton of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. Based on over ten years experience massaging dogs, this method teaches the therapist where trigger points and strains typically manifest in the dog's body, and the particular massage techniques which are used to alleviate these.


Masterson Method®: is equine specific. Jim Masterson developed this light touch method based on his observations of traditional massage techniques and the subtle reactions of the horse to touch. Based on these responses he was able to develop his own techniques to alleviate tension in the horse, in areas that he had identified as being typically compromised. His “less is more” mantra can be very effective, particularly on racehorses.


Swedish Massage: combines many different techniques and although it is commonly a gentler form of massage, it can also be used to invigorate. It is used in every Wurlod Animal Therapies session as it is so dynamic.

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