Photonic Therapy

What is it?


Photonic Therapy also known as Light Therapy is used by Wurlod Animal Therapies in a similar way to acupuncture but with a special torch instead of needles. The torch is L.E.D. and not laser, so there is no danger of inadvertently damaging any tissue. The light is at the red to near infrared wavelength of 660nm which shines through the skin and into the superficial layers beneath. When this happens, similar effects to acupuncture take place. The torch is used on specific acupoints (traditional acupuncture sites) or directly over an injured area.

How Does it Work?


The light is converted to electrical energy as it penetrates the skin. This electrical energy stimulates the nerves and a chemical reaction is initiated. Essentially the natural healing process is kick-started or accelerated by initially increasing blood flow to the area. Tissue is regenerated and damaged tissues and cells are removed as part of the immune response. As well as increasing blood flow to the site of injury - an important and necessary function - inflammation will subside more quickly with the use of the torch.


Photonic Therapy is especially good for laying down better quality scar tissue for tendons if treated in the acute phase, following veterinary diagnosis and treatment. When the torch is used the scar tissue formed tends to be less dense and fibrous and therefore tendon function is less hindered once healed. Photonic Therapy works very well in conjunction with regular maintenance massages. It is recommended to be used more intensively for acute injuries.

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